Sojourner Bags: Be Fashionable and Trendy with Fanny Packs

Also known as a bum bag or a belt bag, a fanny pack is a useful small pouch that is usually worn around the hips and waist, a good trending accessory, most especially to a traveler. Although fanny packs are worn in the front body part nowadays, the word “fanny” pertains to the slang word for “buttocks” since the pouch is often worn just above the area. A fanny pack is usually made of leather, can be opened or closed through a zipper, lightweight, and flexible. There are also fanny packs made of cloth or embroidered material and wearing a fanny pack allow your shoulder to relax and your hands free.

Fanny packs are also called “hands-free bags” or “belted satchels” in the world of fashion. In different countries around the world, fanny packs are also called belly bags, chaos pouches, belt pack, hip sack, buffalo pouch, waist wallet, hip pack, or waist pack. There are many types of fanny packs with wide array of styles, colors, and shapes. A travel fanny pack is a belt bag comes with a travel document sized pouch and a wide strap to help you carry the things you need when traveling right at your belt. Lumbar fanny packs have larger pouch, allowing the wearer to carry more items. If you love climbing or hiking, the hydration fanny is best for you, allowing you to add two bottles of water on your belt. If you like to achieve sporty, chic, and unique fashion statement, go for stylish fanny packs with different colors available to match your outfit for the day. How do you exactly wear a fanny pack to look fashionable instead of out of place? You can wear your fanny pack slouchy at the hip for an outdoor form, to the side and slightly snug. Wear your belt bag in a cool, hippie, and young manner by placing it across your chest with your favorite vintage jeans and shirt. For a crop top and jeans, add a cool effect by wearing your fanny pack as a back pack by slinging it over your shoulders or buckling it at your hips if you want. For those who wants to be colorful or fruity, you can wear your favorite colorful fanny pack with your plain cotton tea and ripped jeans.

It is also a good idea wearing your black leather fanny pack over a black or navy blue ripped jeans and under your oversize shirt that has been tucked in to its side. For a cowgirl look, you can wear a boho fringed fanny for your light washed jeans. Choose a fanny pack with clean lines and leather for a sophisticated look so you can wear it like a cross-body bag. You can check wide array of fanny packs sold online by checking Sojourner Bags now.

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